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Listing presentation demo

Listing Presentation

Win over new clients and make the most of your real estate leads with our polished and professional listing presentations designed to grow your business.

A one-time price of just $39.99 provides you with a REUSABLE template that can be used in both print and digital formats to suit your real estate marketing plan.

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Make a good first impression with our Listing Presentations. You own the template to use over and over again for personalized presentations designed to win new clients by presenting your real estate

marketing ideas.

Completely Flexible Templates

Our unique Listing Presentations contain 39 pages that allow you to choose to use our prewritten copy and images, edit text or add your own images. You can also delete (and easily restore) entire pages you do not require for a completely personalized presentation

all your own.

Digital listing presentations

Digital or Print Formats

Our digital format is designed for presentations on your tablet, laptop or computer or to provide a disc to clients to view at home. You can also print your presentation to share with clients.

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