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Follow these easy steps to use our new and improved template editor.


This works the way it always has with two improvements:

  1. Larger images make it easier to find the images you want.

  2. A PDF tab lets you upload your own eflyers when using our blank template option.



To add social media to your eflyer click the Social tab and the social media links you’ve added to My Account will self-populate. To delete social media from your eflyer just click the circle beside the icon and reclick to re-add it. To add social media links not in your account, click the Add button, enter the links and save. Your social media icons will then appear.



You can now add your subject line directly to the template. Just click the tab and enter your text.



Click the text box you wish to edit. It will appear in the side panel where you can make your edits. You can click the Save button when you are done, or just click on the template to save your work.



The Links tab is now part of the editing panel. Click the links tab and you will see your free virtual tour/single property website link. You can choose to delete it if you don’t wish to include a tour. You can also highlight the link and add your own tour link. A new feature allows you to add as many additional links as you need by clicking the Add Link button. The first link is activated when viewers click anywhere on the eflyer.



Click Proof on the main navigation to see the entire eflyer exactly as it appears in an agent’s inbox. Use this page to proof your eflyer, look at your contact info, subject line, check your links and social media before you blast out your eflyer to avoid errors. You can still email a proof to your client. If you spot an error or wish to make a change just click the Edit Further button.

Email with questions or pop onto our online chat here.

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