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What the 2017 Texas Realtor Satisfaction Index is telling you

You put a lot of effort into your marketing, whether it is to sell a listing or find new clients. However, when it comes to your clients, their referrals have always been your best advertising – and it’s free. The 2017 Texas Realtor Satisfaction Index has proven yet again, that your existing clients are your most important marketing tool. With 37.4 per cent of Buyers and 35.5 per cent of Sellers saying they found their real estate agent through a referral, you know you must nurture your current relationships.

When it comes to dealing with their agent for their next transaction, 31.3 per cent of Sellers and 16.7 per cent of Buyers depended on their former agent to assist. Investing in keep in touch marketing with your past clients is just as important as investing in marketing your listings.

Having some form of keep in touch marketing strategy in place is the one thing many agents overlook in their business plan. Even a single point of contact a month can help keep you top of mind with your agents. It takes at least nine "touches" per year to maintain a familiar relationship with your clients. Luckily, this timing coincides with many holidays and milestones in the year that make it easy to find topics of interest to share with your clients via informative elfyers and newsletters.

Choosing a product that makes it easy with pre-written articles that will be available throughout the year is the first step. You can then look for different possibilities that will suit your needs best such as sending electronically, by mail or both.

Realtour offers a number of newsletter options including:

Ready Made Print Newsletters:

  • Available in 1 sided, 2 sided and 4-page brochure formats

  • Self populates with your branding and contact information

  • Download your choice for just $9.99

Ready Made Email Newsletters:

  • Self populates with your branding and contact information

  • Includes free ready to print PDF Download

  • You can add up to three links of your choice

  • Blast out using your own contact list, or to fellow agents using our mapblast tool

Free Ready Made Print Newsletters:

  • Free with your photography and eflyer orders

  • Available in 1 sided, 2 sided and 4-page brochure formats

  • Self populates with your branding and contact information

The beauty of the Realtour product is you can use your listing marketing budget to offset your keep in touch strategy with these affordable newsletter products. To learn how to use the Realtour newsletter options click here, or you can click here to create your free account.

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