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Adding a blog to your website builds trust

A blog provides content on your website that works to your benefit in two important ways:

  1. It helps build your SEO.

  2. It helps build trusted advice to potential new clients.

Establishing a blog on your website allows you to offer free advice to people who need it. Both home buyers and sellers turn to online searches as their first step to making a move. They are seeking free information that will provide them with knowledge; knowledge that will help them make the right decisions. However, during their search for knowledge they are also seeking someone they can trust to find or sell their home.

Know Your Audience

Concentrate on who you are seeking as clients. Although you want to get as many new clients as you can handle, when it comes to a blog, you do want to have some focus. Consider what you have to offer and develop a focus that allows you to target the perfect audience. For some it could be an age group such as those seeking to downsize, others it might be the first time buyer or seller. Either way, that focus will keep your blog well stocked with content that can build up your SEO.

Know Your Stuff

No one knows better than you what you have to offer. As with focusing on an audience, you want to focus on your area of expertise. If you have found a niche helping first time buyers or sellers, your blog can be filled with posts that offer advice on the process of buying and selling homes. Using content that is specific to the area you serve in hand with helpful links to complementary services helps build a trusting relationship and can encourage people to revisit your site for more tips.

Evergreen Content

You can also build a better mousetrap by providing evergreen content. Evergreen content is information that has long life and is not dependent on trends. This forms a solid base for your blog and remains relevant for many years. When you combine evergreen content with trends and news, you begin to create an interesting blog that people will by more likely to revisit.

Be Folksy Yet Professional

Remember that most people have found your blog because they are researching and seeking information about something they know little about. With this in mind, it is always good to set a tone that is professional but also uses terms and a writing style that are easy to understand. You know best what works for you when interacting with clients. Use this as inspiration for your tone so that you infuse some personality into your posts without taking away from your professionalism and trust factor.

Don't Forget Your Community

Neighborhood and community always play a key role in real estate. Your knowledge of what is happening in the community can speak volumes to those who are not only buying but selling. When people read about the community they will see that you not only work there, but live there. Sharing tips about the best local coffee house, parks and events will add a personal touch to your blog while adding local SEO to help people find you.

Realtour's websites are affordable and include a free blog design as well. You can write your own blog posts or have us write them for you.

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