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What your listing presentations might NOT be telling people

Your listing presentation is often your first and last chance to shine. That is why it is important to be aware of the things your listing presentation might NOT be telling potential clients. It is not enough to include just the basics. You want to add the extra details that will paint a clear picture of how effective you are as an agent and why you are the best choice to sell their home.

Back up your Marketing Strategy

It is easy to say that you have a marketing plan that works, but it is even better if you can back that statement up with some proof. The best way to demonstrate you are prepared to invest in selling their home is to not only outline the plan you will use, but to also show them the materials you have used in the past. Share some stats to back up what you are saying. Using marketing tools that provide you with tracking and statistics such as email marketing campaigns and trackable virtual tours can help them see you mean business and that you are using proven marketing tactics to sell their home. As well, have a portfolio of the photos you have used for marketing materials so they a) get a feel for the types of homes you have sold in the past and b) see you are willing to invest in high end marketing materials that will showcase their home in the best possible light. Last but not least, consider providing an overview of the most likely home buyers for the property with ideas on how the home should be prepped to appeal to that target.

Justify your Price

It is one thing to throw out high numbers to entice them to list with you, but if you don’t have proof that homes are selling for that price in the area, your recommendation will lack credibility. Make sure you include comps in your listing presentation so they understand why you are recommending the listing price you have in mind. This also helps to soften the blow if the numbers aren’t as high as they had hoped. Include days on the market to help illustrate how the higher or over priced homes are staying on the market longer compared to the median priced homes.

Show them the Money

Many home owners today are not shy about asking what share you get of the sale. You have to be prepared to explain why your commission is set at a certain rate and what you are doing for them so they understand what is included in that cost. The details of what you do are often “behind the curtain” tasks they don’t necessarily see you perform. Let them know how your skills have helped others in the past, such as negotiating, proper pricing, aggressive or effective marketing, support of your brokerage, etc. Do you offer additional services that help you stand out such as staging expertise? Do your homes sell quicker or above asking? All of these details draw a clearer picture for the home owners so they see why you are worth the investment and worthy of their trust.

Dig Deeper

The questions you ask can be as telling as the answers you give. Make sure they see that you want to learn more about them and their home to make it easier for you to sell it. Find out about their happiest memories in the home. Ask them what sold them on the home to begin with. Ask them what they love the most about their home other than the obvious things such as a gorgeous new kitchen or newly remodeled master bathroom. These personal insights into the home provide you with details you can share with viewers at open houses, while showing potential clients your approach is on a deeper, more personal level.

Finding an online listing presentation you can share with your clients in a number of different formats is also a great idea. You want an adaptable presentation you can share online, that can be changed for each new client and that can be printed as a leave behind to cover all the bases.

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