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How Real Estate Postcards help find Sellers

Digital marketing has made it easier than ever for buyers to find you and your listings. However when it comes to recruiting the ever elusive seller the most effective tool to find new clients selling their home is real estate postcards. Here is how real estate postcards help find sellers.

  • Real Estate Postcards Hit Home: Postcards provide you with the easiest way to hit your

target area without the need for expensive mailing lists. They go right to the people you want to recruit and you can drop them into mailboxes when you are out and about.

  • Home by Home: Got someone looking for a Tudor home in the area? Drop a postcard in the mailboxes of Tudors in the area with a personalized hand written note that says “I have a client with a budget of $500k who is interested in buying your home.”

  • Money Talks: Announcing home values in an area can often surprise homeowners who might not be aware how much their home value has risen since their purchase. They might be enticed to set up an evaluation to learn just how much their home is worth today.

  • Trust Factor: Consumers are still a little suspicious of emails from strangers appearing in their inboxes. Printed postcards can be held in their hand without the fear they might get a virus when they read it.

  • Generating Leads: Postcards help generate leads by planting a seed in the minds of homeowners. When your postcards are received, homeowners take note of your face and the fact you have sold homes in their area. They will remember you when they are thinking of selling, or even refer you to a friend or family member who might mention selling their home.

  • First to Call: Stats show that 63% of homeowners will work with the first real estate agent they call when selling their home. If you are always dropping your postcards into someone’s mail box your face and information will be familiar and they are more likely to call you rather than looking for someone online. Your call to action to “Call me for your free home evaluation today!” will catch their attention and keep you top of mind.

Real estate postcards are effective because they literally hit people where they live without the need for mailing lists. However, you can also decide to use a farming system that will allow you to select the area you wish to target and have them mailed for you.

Realtour offers real estate postcard templates designed for your personalized message, images and branding for just $9.99. They are also FREE with our email marketing services, Photo Shoots or Platinum Virtual Tour packages. Click here to open a FREE account or email for more information about our real estate marketing tools and agency Group Discounts.

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