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4 Reasons you should use a Graphic Designer

As a real estate agent it is essential the marketing tools you use look polished, reflect the beauty of the property and most of all present you as a professional. Whether you are dealing with fellow agents or someone buying or selling a home they expect a professional they can trust to represent their interests and get the job done. Here are four reasons a professional Graphic Designer will provide you with the image you need to find new clients and sell homes:

  1. The Right Message: The average time you have to make an impression with marketing materials is 11 seconds. A Graphic Designer understands how to prioritize messaging and

ensure people see what you want them to see. They will make your brand, property information and headline work together so you get your message across quickly.

  1. Brand Consistency: A small investment for graphic design will provide you with the image you want to sell homes. A Graphic Designer will create professional, sleek templates you can use for eflyers, brochures, postcards, etc. using brand consistency to maintain your integrity. Agents will recognize your brand and will be more inclined to read your eflyers and pick up your brochures to share with their clients.

  2. Save Time & Money: No one knows better than you that your time is limited. Struggling to design your own marketing collateral takes time that could be better spent helping your clients. A professional Graphic Designer is educated on how to best capture the look you want and reflect your brand. They can complete your project in a fraction of the time you would, saving you money in the long run.

  3. Professional Image: Just like taking snaps from your cell phone won’t present the homes you are selling in a good light, homemade brochures and other marketing collateral will not sell you as a professional. A Graphic Designer will create a polished look for all of your collateral so people trust you.

Working with a graphic designer will provide you with quality designs for your marketing collateral to instil trust and help you succeed. When in doubt you can at least opt for software that offers ready-made templates designed specifically for real estate agents.

Realtour offers professional Graphic Design services to customize all of your marketing collateral. We also offer templates designed for real estate professionals that make it easy to create your own marketing campaigns. For more information email, or visit to learn more about our virtually effortless real estate marketing tools.

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