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5 Reasons Pro Photography is a Must to sell Homes

It might surprise you to learn that pro real estate shots increase selling prices by up to 47% per square foot and click throughs by 61%. If you are still using your own photography here are five reasons pro photography is a must:

  1. Competitive Edge: 80.9% of real estate agents do not use professional quality photos. That means you can have the edge over 80% of the competition by hiring the pros.

  2. Cream of the Crop: Despite the fact that 89% of home buyers are viewing online photos and virtual tours when house hunting, just a little over 15% of real estate agents make the small investment required to impress buyers with professional tours and photos. You should be one of them!

  3. Your Time & Money: The price of a DSLR camera will cost you from $500 to over $1,000 (You absolutely must never use your phone to shoot a property you are trying to sell!). The average photo shoot will take over two hours of YOUR valuable time. Let the pros do the shoot while you sell houses.

  4. Better Offers: Remember, professional photos could increase the price of your properties by 47% per square foot. This is an important selling point you can add to your Listing Presentation when seeking new clients.

  5. 1% Investment: Professional shots will only cost an average of 1% of your potential profits.

Many agents think they are saving themselves money by doing their own photos. However when you do the math you are increasing your housing prices up to 47% per square foot and investing a mere 1% of your potential earnings on pro photos for an edge on over 80% of your competition. You cannot deny this is just good business sense.

Realtour has the BEST photographers in your area*. Visit and set up your FREE, no obligation account to schedule cost effective professional photography for your next listing. You can also join us on Facebook to view their work and keep up with our latest marketing tools and tips.

*We currently offer photography services in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, California, Illinois and Minneapolis.

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