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The 3 Best Tools for your Marketing Arsenal

If you want to sell houses faster, you need to get in front of the right buyers' agents. Providing them with a clear view of the listing and all of its features as quickly and effectively as possible will allow you to draw attention and spend less days on the market.

The best way to do this is to put together a marketing campaign that covers all of your bases. Here are three tools that will not only reach the right people, but that will also do so effectively:

90% of home buyers start their house hunt online.

  1. Virtual Tour: The virtual tour is a must as it makes it easier for agents and buyers to take a look at the property. It is no secret that more than 83 percent of buyers start their home search online. Make sure they can find you and take a walk through of your listings easily with a virtual tour. You want to have your tour appear on the most popular sites such as Zillow,, Trulia and YouTube so that you are covering a broader audience. Showcasing a show stopper? Consider kicking it up a notch with a 3D tour for a completely realistic walk through experience.

  2. Eflyer: How are you going to reach buyers' agents? Eflyers. You want to have as much exposure as possible for your listings. Having a trusted email service complete with templates, targeted mailing lists and stats is the best way to go. You not only get your listings in front of buyers' agents in the right area, but also have stats to show your clients what you are doing on their behalf. Elfyers and virtual tours go together as the perfect package. All of the details are at the agent’s finger tips making it easy for them to add it to their list of “must sees” for their clients. It also makes sure people see your virtual tour. Your eflyers are a sure fire way to get the word out about your Open Houses, reduced pricing, etc.

  3. Print Brochures/Flyers: Last but not least you want to make sure everyone has a take away when they visit the open house. A print brochure or flyer is ideal to have not only inside the home, but also in a holder on the for sale sign on the lawn. Reach as many buyers as you can and give them something to hold onto so the house stays top of mind. List the virtual tour address on your flyers as well so they can take a walk through of the property from home to remember all of the features. And don't forget about the agents who decide to view the home before suggesting it to their client. They will appreciate having a brochure or flyer to show to their clients complete with photos and the address to view the virtual tour as a pre-sell to get them interested.

Your marketing campaigns need to be easy and affordable while still ensuring they remain effective. The use of these three marketing tools as a package allows you to hit your target in order to attract the right people interested in putting in an offer. makes it easy to create an entire marketing campaign affordably and effectively using their online marketing suite. Your eflyer includes a free virtual tour and a PDF of the print materials of your choice so you have everything you need with minimal investment or effort.

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