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How to be your own Digital Marketing Expert

90% of Home Buyers Start Shopping Online

You know there is more to selling houses than staking a sign in the front yard. 90% of house hunters are looking for their dream home online. People no longer read the Sunday papers looking for open houses.

Instead they shop online viewing listings and virtual tours to save time. That means you have to become your own digital marketing expert if you want to reach not only home buyers, but their agents.

Marketing Experts Cost Money

It takes work to get all your marketing materials together and paying someone else to get the message out eats into your commission. With the right tools you could cut your effort by more than half and prepare your own digital marketing at a fraction of the cost.

The tools you need should ideally allow you to:

  • Prepare quick and easy virtual tours you can post to major sites such as and YouTube

  • Have instant syndicated exposure to thousands of house hunters and agents looking for properties in your neighborhood

  • Prepare complimentary marketing products such as eflyers using a unique “push” method that puts the information in front of the buyers’ agents so they can see you have just what their client wants to sell houses faster

  • Unique area targeted email addresses based on active agents, not zip codes

  • Provide consistency and automatic preparation of customized backup print materials such as professional quality brochures for open houses and post cards to attract new clients

  • See statistics based on who is viewing your virtual tours and reading your eflyers to track your efforts

Becoming your own digital marketing expert can increase sales with minimal investment while getting higher quality custom digital marketing materials that sell houses.

Realtour has the simple, affordable digital marketing tools you need with FREE, no obligation membership and your choice of marketing packages or a la carte services ideal for your needs. Email for more information or visit to get started today.

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